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Creative NFT production studio
Our aim is to help creators worldwide enter the NFT market as smooth as possible.
We apply a unique approach to the use of blockchain technology, distinct from mainstream solutions, to help upscale your brand and maximise ROIs.
Your turnkey non-fungible token solution  in one place

Brand Research and Market Fit

We are brand sensitive. Our team will accurately research your company, branding and activities across different internet channels. e.g., If you are eco-friendly brand and prefer green solutions. Combination of your brand and our knowledge of the crypto world, we will represent the ideal NFT market fit for your brand.

Creative Solution

We will help to create your own NFTs from your preferences and ideas, conceptualize and bring it to life in a 2D or 3D image, GIF, or video. You want it static or movable, with a deep story behind it – we are here for it! Our talented creative team are well-known artists in the crypto world.

Consultation on Platforms

Rarible or Foundation? Makersplace or Superrare? Ethereum or Tezos? We will consult on the platforms that are best suited for your brand. Our team of crypto traders and blockchain specialists will advise on the best solutions for minting to make sure you will get the positive return on your NFTs.

All-inclusive Management

Ethereum Mainnet, Minting, GWEI, Smart Contracts... These words make you feel confused and lost? Don't worry, not everyone is familiar with the minting process and crypto wallets. Our team will advise you on the best-suitable crypto wallet, help you with placing and minting on different platforms.

And much more...

Sculptors & Jewellers
Dashi Namdakov

Dashi Namdakov

We developed concept and content for a Russian sculptor, graphic artist and jeweller

Lorenzo Quinn

Lorenzo Quinn

We created NFTs, helped with minting, placement and marketing across platforms

Tesseract Academy
Encrypto Art
Electi Consulting

The team

Alex Litvinovich

Alex Litvinovich

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Elina Mirgalieva

Elina Mirgalieva

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Leonid Kruglov

Leonid Kruglov

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Philipp Chekunov

Philipp Chekunov

Chief Design Officer (CDO)

Advisory Board

Nicholas Quinn

Nicholas Quinn

Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Co-Founder Encrypto Art

Dr. Alexey Minin

Dr. Alexey Minin

Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) Shuttr

Dr. Stylianos (Stelios) Kampakis

Dr. Stylianos (Stelios) Kampakis

Data Science and Technology advisor, UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies, London Business School, CEO of The Tesseract Academy.

Marijn van Oosten

Marijn van Oosten

Founder of UKIO and Visual Visionary, international award winning designer

Dr. Theodosis (Theo) Mourouzis

Dr. Theodosis (Theo) Mourouzis

Partner & Managing Director at Electi Consulting. Cryptography, Information Security, Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

Our team is international, and we strive to create diverse work cultures and opportunities for everyone to succeed, regardless of their background.

To ensure positivity and sustainability, we maintain the same degree of focus and distinction for our clients.
The services make use of digital technology, which is widely recognized as a sustainable way to eliminate physical and material waste.
Our focus is on "Digital Sustainability"  to ensure that we go above and beyond to leave the world a better place. This refers to a company's overall strategy in achieving sustainability through smart technology investments. We aim to make our client's businesses smarter and more strategic in a way of supporting our environment.


We never compromise on quality

We don’t want our brand associated with anything that isn’t of the highest quality. We develop quality things, we give quality advice, and we only hire qualified people that are professionals on the market.



The experience and performance

Our focus has always been to create remarkable experiences for people.
We are a team with entrepreneurial spirit and creative minds. We promise an efficient performance that meets quality and price.



We provide transparency on each process

Do anything just for the sake of doing it – is not our culture. We only do things the right way with care, know-how and effort. We will provide support and transparency with every step of the way to achieve a satisfying result.



We make sure you get a full ownership

Minting on different platforms is confusing, we will make sure you get your own token with a full ownership of your NFTs.



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